Please note that the programme on the page below is being set up, and is not currently running

The Amaswazi Tribe needs volunteers.

This tribe lives on 500 hectares of land granted  them in 1995 by the Government of South Africa in the Champagne Castle area of the Drakensberg. This  after  a tribal dispute forced them to leave their previous land in the Stulwane area near Cathedral Peak. They fall under Chief Mzokithwayo Shabalala and there are about 320 families  and many single parents and orphans. The area is situated in a beautiful valley with indigenous trees and views of  the mountains.

Amen is our contact with the Amaswazi, he is a concerned and proactive community member who works tirelessly for the good of his people.

The Okahlamba municipality has built a hall with crèche facilities and staff is required to help look after toddlers. A new school has also been built by the Education Department.

Assistance is also required in the management of alien invader plants. Sixty local people have been employed by the Department of Agriculture to manually eradicate these. Assistance and expertise would be welcome in this field as well as with the establishment and maintenance of vegetable gardens for communal use.

Inkosana lodge wishes to assist the Amasawzi people by placing volunteers  to assist the tribe in these community projects. Amaswazini is about 15 minutes drive from Inkosana Lodge.  Please consider helping for a few days or a week or two!!!  You certainly will not pay to work here, but having your own transport would be a plus.

See the photos below: